A visit to Goa

Last year I visited Goa as a part of my educational program for six months. I had a wonderful experience with the Konkani people, sea food and the beautiful culture of Goa. Being a nature lover swaying palms, white sands and sparkling waters attracted me a lot. All I can think about is making sand houses on the beach, sea food, glorious goan festivals and blue waters.


“…..marvelous beaches……..Let’s look at it, beaches are what Goa excel in. We’re talking gently drowsy coconut groves. Palm thatched bars. And the kind of sand it’d be an offense to walk across with shoes on.”

In no way is this an exact description of the beaches at Goa. It was dirty and polluted. I witnessed waste management problems in Goa, which completely broke my heart. The state’s garbage problem has been getting out of hand. goabaga-beaches

The garbage plunk is on one side of the way that strolls across the Bagah, Colva, Candolim and Anjuna. The hovels are starting to be built, but the beaches are a disgrace with bottles, litter, plastic scattered everywhere. Do they not have council people to clean the beaches in readiness for the Tourists – or don’t they care?  It was a disgusting sight as I could never imagine my favorite place being ruined that badly. I started writing blogs and articles on changing environment and adapting sustainability because I was angry.

India_-_Goa_-_010_-_Touristy_Baga_BeachGoa, the tourist’s first choice was being tainted. I wonder why people like us who roam around and travel to different places forget the actual meaning of cleanliness and hygiene. I realized that we do not require an organized event of cleanliness. We can make a habit of cleaning up when we’re at the beach or around the beach. People say India is a deprived and an unclean country. And we have no choice except bending our neck out of shame. Goa is a place to capture tourism market. It is a gold fish in our Country’s aquarium. We being the citizens of India should protect and conserve our country’s legacy.


5 tips that can make a difference

  • Stay away from plastic bags, instead use eco-friendly bags or containers
  • Bring a garbage bag with you to make sure you collect all the waste to chuck into the bin
  • While walking along the beach, try collecting waste bottles or cans and throw them away safely
  • Switch over to reusable water bottles
  • Instead of focusing on eating and drinking, make use of beach by playing Frisbee or volley ball or by doing physical activities