Rain, rain go away
Come again another day.
Rain, rain go away
Little Johnny wants to play.

I say little Johnny can always enjoy playing in the rain because it’s worth it.

There’s nothing like enjoying Nature’s manifestation during the rainy season. Not only it’s about coffee and pakoras, it’s something more about beauty, peace and exploration. I can say that I like rain because it helps my mind stop slow down and focus on explicit things. I find it easier to write and focus during rain. Conversely, with ruthless storms, I experience an almost ecstatic emotional retort.


Rain is regularly connected with tough instants or sad feelings. In cinema, we see artists walking in the rain during the depressing and tragic moments of the plan, when somebody dies or cries, bad relationships or loses in life. This will typically be convoyed by sad and gloomy songs.

In our actual life it would be really strange and shocking if it started raining every time something sad and miserable happened, but credits to media and the movies we now generally link rain with distress, sadness and depression.

Do you even know getting wet in rain isn’t a bad thing? When we keep away from going out in wet climate we let pass out on some immense mental benefits that come under your own steam in the rain.


Let’s see how!

  • Rain is a stress buster, it relieves our inner burdens: Well as they say, “no one can see you cry in the rain”, which is an ultimate benefit of walking in the rain. For really strong macho men rain is the perfect way to release their inner burdens.
  • Rain helps you in seeing things in a different perspective: Have you ever imagined life, the whole planet, ecosystem or may be this whole concrete jungle in rain? It’s completely different. In our noisy lousy world rain gives us a moment of peace and stillness. It changes our perspective towards life.
  • Rain cools your head: Have you ever observed the aroma of the earth after a storm – it has a natural soothing effect. There are certain situations when you feel really stressed and also you don’t want to be disturbed or carried away. Getting drenched will cool you down and give you a clear picture of your present situation only if you really enjoy getting wet in rain.

Are you still scared of getting drenched in rain? Seriously, I am not. Go ahead and say, “Woo hoo bring on the rain.” I am not scared of getting wet anymore.