I consider myself a well traveled and highly adaptable girl but trust me whenever I step out, my landing becomes really clumsy. In real I love this gauche side of mine. To serve for my country and its people is one of the most important dreams of mine. I have worked with various NGOs and have traveled a lot throughout the Nation. I see poverty, natural disasters, hunger, land degradation and numerous more causes that have been discussed earlier and are in the top most priority. I really feel that something is strange about our system; we being an agricultural rich country and our citizens are dying of hunger. We all ask the government that Ache din kab Aenge”? But nobody thinks about the real time factors.  I think people should understand the truth that there is an ample amount of opportunities for everyone out there. We Indians are really blessed to have a diversified culture, climate, food, etc.

When I was doing my graduation I participated in one of the Talent hunt shows- MISS FRESHERS. I was being judged by a question that how do you see India after 10 years. I was confident enough to stand for my answer-“India will remain as it is”. It is the people who have to change not the nation.  I got the first prize for it. We all say that India is a poor country, we have massive criminal records, and we do not have resources. Blah, Blah, Blah! It is easy to criticize in just one go but way too difficult to understand and take a step for it.

 “Not everyone is able to make sustainable choices, but for those who can, easy choices such as switching to energy-efficient lighting or buying only what you will consume – when accumulated across billions of people – can change our world”.


I was never a top bright student throughout my academic part. But I was always familiar with this one thing that anybody can do anything. One does not require any special qualification or set of talent to start a new thing.  The power to transform begins with you. The biggest example of our generation is our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi.

Private property is cleaner than public property in our country. I think it is a big disgrace for all of us to witness the picture where our country’s prime minister is cleaning the roads and piles of garbage just to make us understand the value of cleanliness. We need to understand this simplest hierarchy:

Earth> Country> State/ Province> City/town> Lane> Home> Room> You

If you clean yourself and your home then you are proud to say that I am a clean and a healthy person. We ignore the fact that our city and our country is a part of you. If your country is wrong and dirty that means somewhere at some point of time we as an individual didn’t give much attention to our Dos and Don’ts.


  • Spitting on road and public areas is a moral and legal offense( imagine your house walls with “PAAN STAINS”)
  • Always carry a paper or eco- friendly bag whenever you are out on road. Dumping your personal waste in those bags is a better way to help in making your country a special place to live
  • Roads, walls and damp areas are not urinals. Use public/private urinals
  • Stick no bills. Beauty of the town is in your hand
  • Plant more and more trees(Shade giving and flowering) a2334a304cb584c49fcb32bfb7b1aec4

Sudden onset natural disasters impose a substantial health, resources and livelihood load either directly on the population or indirectly on the capacity of the different services to address primary domestic and daily needs. They are something we cannot run from. But there is a probability where minimum loss occurs. Yes, the answer is mitigation and sustainability.


  • Do not allow constructions on the river banks or land slide and earthquake prone areas
  • Helping your friends, family and even strangers at the time of crisis
  • Any developmental activity should be sustained by growing more and more trees
  • Explaining young children about the mitigation methods
  • Sustainable Livelihood practices

1/3rd of the world’s hungry people live in India. It is widespread and the causes are different across the region. Despite of phenomenal growth in our industrial and economic sector, India is unable to provide access to food to a large number of people, especially women and children. How can we help them?

Let’s see how

  • Do not throw away the leftover food, instead share it with poor people
  • Request the restaurant owners for not throwing the leftover food
  • Buy things that you can consume
  • Take some time out from you busy schedule and help the hungry poor people by giving them food and water

Keeping this old quotation in my mind, “Nobody is perfect and we all learn from our mistakes”, I always try to live a sustainable life and learn from my past experiences. India has a huge scope for betterment; all it requires is some level of determination. I see how huge we people are and how hard we try for different tasks and to sustain our lives, I understand that there is a colossal need for sustainability along with technology.

I think this is our responsibility to encourage our family, friends, and loved dear ones to be responsible citizens of India and contribute in Rise and Shine India.