Who are Sparrows?

In a little while the kids will be hearing the stories like, “Once upon a time there was a bird called a Sparrow.”


Since prehistoric times sparrows have been the friendliest and social birds. We have been seeing this bird since our childhood. Sparrows have adapted well to the difficult and harsh climate variations. Although in a recent survey it is shown that there is a decline in their population. Studies on climate change explain that much of the remaining habitat may become unsuitable in the coming years.

We celebrate World Sparrow Day on March 20, focusing on the aim of marking this day to highlight the need to conserve sparrows as once-ubiquitous. These little bright creatures are now seen in fewer places.


“The House Sparrow takes recurrent dust baths. It flings soil and dust over its body, just as if it were bathing with water. In doing so, a sparrow may make a small depression in the ground, and sometimes defends this spot against other sparrows.”


Are you curious to know if the Sparrows can be saved from extinction? If yes, then follow the things that you can do to save them.

Sparrows have the dry diet and need more water to drink

  • Put water bowls in your garden or terraces/ balconies and keep on replacing the bowl with clean and fresh water

Go Green

  • Plant more trees and shrubs
  • Sparrows are attracted towards flowers
  • Discourage the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in your garden


  • Create awareness about sparrows
  • Use social media (facebook, twitter, google+) to spread the word
  • Encouraging people to keep their environment and surroundings neat and clean

Sparrow things

  • Use bird feeders in your garden
  • Sparrow houses is also an interesting way to invite these chirpy creatures at your home