We always believe in this one thing-

When you have a choice

Whether to be RIGHT or to be KIND- Choose kind

I was so moved after watching these movies called slumdog millionaire and beggars of life. It is painful when you see young people, women and small children begging on streets for food and money. I feel like doing something for them but just ends up thinking WHAT. I constantly use to think that from where these people are coming. I get annoyed at times; use to shout on them that why you are doing this, don’t you have school, etc. But sadly words are not just enough to change their mentality of begging.

Beggars in India

There are countless beggars in India. It will be not wrong if I say that they do come from a good part of the country. Poor but good part that has some opportunities in hand. But why they choose to travel to big cities. This is the one question if being answered solves the problem. Their preference is growing in a dirty society.

A woman carrying a baby on her hip, sick and having a disturbed personality, begging for food and money in the harsh and extreme weather condition is a common sight in India. Heart rendering isn’t it? Obviously we feel sad and helpless and just think of giving some money that will help the lady and her baby. But wait and try figuring out the reality behind this begging scenario.

I agree that there are certain cases like those who are paralyzed, blind, handicapped are incapable of working. But others are just begging as a part of their profession. Yes it is true, begging is their profession. There are big syndicates in all parts of the country. In simple words the begging mafias. They take these people and give them training on how to grasp attention, sympathy and how to ignore and keep begging even if somebody is giving the moral gyan.


The number of beggars in India is increasing and they are living on the wages of other citizens. They have these powerful dialogues- Dede maayi, Allah ke naam par, Jodi salamat rakhe, bhagwan tera bhala kare…etc. It’s a disappointment that even physically powerful and healthy people in India way out to begging. They further ruin themselves in drugs, drinking and betting. Their bodies become sick. They carry the illness with them and stroll from place to place. Therefore, are responsible, to a large extent for the spread of diseases and dissolute values.

Our government also plays a big major role for this begging thing. I think it is a big political ignominy, developing the parts which are already doing well. There are lots of small towns, villages and tehsils/ districts that are below the course of development. Poverty, illiteracy, unemployment are the major issues that really becomes the curse for them to be born in that particular area. As a result we see the population of big metropolitan cities has crossed the level of carrying capacity. Everyday these people come by trains and buses to these cities in search of livelihood and due to lack of exposure and illiteracy they start to beg.

Your Kindness

Like I said whether to be RIGHT or to be KIND- Choose kind. If your heart still wants to help these people just give them food or your old clothes. Do not spoil them by giving money. As we don’t know what they will be using our money for. Alcohol, gambling, drugs it could be anything. Your kindness will be going into the pockets of big mafias. Being bighearted is good but often in today’s picture it is one’s kindheartedness that is taken advantage of.